Devinder Kaur Baweja

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Provision of infant oral health (IOH) care is a challenging issue in the rural areas of our country due to lack of pedodontists and other dental workforces. To overcome these barriers it is essential to call the medical and other healthcare professionals to provide IOH care in joint collaboration with dental professionals. However, it is unclear to what(More)
Dentigerous cysts are the most common bony lesions of the jaws in children. It is one of the most prevalent types of odontogenic cysts associated with an erupted or developing tooth, particularly the mandibular third molars; the other teeth that are commonly affected are, in order of frequency, the maxillary canines, the maxillary third molars, and rarely(More)
Berardinelli-Seip syndrome is a congenital form of generalized lipodystrophy, transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait. It is well documented in medicine and skin. It is a rare disorder caused by mutations of AGPAT2 gene or BSCL2 gene. We present an interesting case of Seip-Berardinelli syndrome in female siblings aged 12 years and 14 years who presented(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate and compare the attitude toward behavior techniques among parents of healthy and special children in Indian subpopulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Parents of healthy (Group A) and special children (Group B) watched videotape vignette of 10 behavior management techniques (BMTs) in groups and rated them using Visual Analog Scale (VAS).(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim and objective of the present study was to determine the prevalence and severity of gingivitis and evaluate the factors associated with gingivitis in children residing in rural and urban areas of Panchkula. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present study was carried out on a sample of 1269 school children, aged 5, 12 and 15 years, randomly(More)
Scurvy is well known since ancient times, but it is rarely seen in the developed world today owing to the discovery of its link to the dietary deficiency of ascorbic acid. It is very uncommon in the pediatric population, and is usually seen in children with severely restricted diet attributable to psychiatric or developmental disturbances. The condition(More)
AIM We planned our study to assess whether easy access to dental care facilities result in improved oral health and increased utilization of dental services by children. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four hundred child-parent pairs, 200 each from the military and civilian areas, were randomly selected (children aged 5 years). Prior to the clinical examination of(More)
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