Devin White

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Professional preparation programs should provide future elementary teachers opportunities to develop competence in dealing with school-related AIDS issues. Curriculum writers and instructors of preservice elementary teachers could be more effective if they were aware of this groups' beliefs about school-related AIDS issues. A survey was conducted to assess(More)
We present an environmental data visualization framework that features synchronous and asynchronous multiuser interaction with all the benefits of modern web-based applications, such as easy accessibility and cross-platform compatibility. In contrast to outdated web-based network protocols, the proposed framework uses HTML5 Web-Sockets to enable full-duplex(More)
Assessing the needs for adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change and variability in Niger River Basin is a key for future development in Western Africa. There are two major challenges in terms of the assessment: the first is that future projections in water availability based on the historical trends are hard to assess under uncertainty, and(More)
Climate change has the potential to displace large populations in many parts of the developed and developing world. Understanding why, how, and when migrants decide to move is critical to successful planning within national and international organizations. Computational modeling techniques are one way to explore planning options and investigate consequences(More)
This study assessed the safety and first aid behavioral intentions of 285 third grade students. Of the participants, 19% were left at home unsupervised by someone older than age 12 at least three days a week. Students responded to a survey instrument that described situations related to stranger safety, fire safety, accident prevention, and first aid.(More)
Significant societal disruptions are anticipated from mass human migration due to environmental factors, e.g., climate change. Understanding human behavioral responses to these disruptions are critical for informed policy decisions. However this is hindered by a significant data gap. Black et al. defines this gap as the difference between agency (the(More)
The meaning of community care, as at present organised for the elderly mentally ill, is examined critically. It is argued that often the phrase is used to conceal the deficiencies of traditional institutional facilities, for which community care is apt to be regarded as a cheap substitute. It is suggested that it would be beneficial to have available true(More)
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