Devin Robert Liner

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Recently, disordered photonic media and random textured surfaces have attracted increasing attention as strong light diffusers with broadband and wide-angle properties. We report the experimental realization of an isotropic complete photonic band gap (PBG) in a 2D disordered dielectric structure. This structure is designed by a constrained optimization(More)
Recently, disordered photonic materials have been suggested as an alternative to periodic crystals for the formation of a complete photonic bandgap (PBG). In this article we will describe the methods for constructing and characterizing macroscopic disordered photonic structures using microwaves. The microwave regime offers the most convenient experimental(More)
Pictured is a benign melanocytic nevus, commonly referred to as a mole, with fluorescently labeled nuclei (blue), nevus cells known as melanocytes (green), and β-catenin protein (red). Nevi are premalignant lesions that rarely progress to melanoma because the melanocytes have entered a non-proliferating state called senescence. Jeff S. Pawlikowski et al.(More)
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