Devin L. Miller

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We measured simultaneously in single toad rods the membrane photocurrent and the Ca concentration in a small volume surrounding the outer segment. Illumination causes a rise in the extracellular Ca concentration. Photocurrents and Ca concentration changes occur over the same range of light intensities. Analysis of the time course of the Ca concentration(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine long term outcome in children who had a severe acute neurological illness in early childhood associated with pertussis immunisation. DESIGN Follow up study of cases and matched controls. SETTING Assessment of children at home and at school throughout Britain. SUBJECTS Children recruited into the national childhood encephalopathy(More)
We measured the cytoplasmic free Ca concentration in the outer segment of intact, dark-adapted rods of the toad retina. The Ca indicator dye, Quin2, was loaded at concentrations of 0.273 +/- 0.06 mM into the rod cytoplasm by incubation of isolated retinas in the hydrophobic ester, Quin2AM. Quin2 did not alter the cytoplasmic Ca concentration in the dark,(More)
The adaptive secondary for the MMT is the first mirror of its kind. It was designed to allow the application of wavefront corrections (including tip-tilt) directly at the secondary mirror location. Among the advantages of such a choice for adaptive optics operation are higher throughput, lower emissivity, and simpler optical setup. Furthermore, this(More)
In a survey of all antibiotic prescription in a district general hospital during November, 1978, the reason for each prescription was determined by a brief interview with the prescriber. 28% of all inpatients received antibiotics. Older patients were prescribed antibiotics more often than were younger patients. Ampicillin was the most frequently used(More)
The adaptive optics (AO) system for the 6.5 m MMT conversion telescope is the first to compensate the aberrated wavefront at the telescope's secondary mirror. This approach has unique advantages in terms of optical simplicity, high throughput and low emissivity. Its realization presents many technical challenges, which have now been overcome. The deformable(More)