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Athletic participation growth has resulted in increased exposures and neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) non-contact injuries. Based on current evidence, the primary objective of this literature review is to create a preliminary evidence-based NMSK exercise guideline, addressing these intrinsic modifiable risk factors. Systematic searches were conducted September(More)
We report the treatment of a case of acute sensitivity of the maxillary incisor teeth caused by chronic regurgitation of gastric contents. The resultant erosive lesions on the palatal surfaces involved extensive tooth surface loss with exposure of dentine. Palatal coverage of these teeth was achieved using gold alloy veneers and resulted in complete(More)
Dysmorphophobia is a syndrome in which a person of normal appearance becomes obsessed with an aspect of their appearance which they feel is noticeably defective, and for which they constantly seek treatment. This case report describes the successful management of a young woman with dysmorphophobia using a multidisciplinary approach.
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