Devin K. Phillips

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Replacement of the carboxyl group of 2-(3-benzoylphenyl)propionic acid (Ketoprofen) with various bulky amines has produced a series of highly active antiinflammatory agents that have reduced intestinal ulcerogenicity and have better therapeutic ratios in the 21-day adjuvant arthritis assay in rats than currently marketed nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.(More)
Findings are given to show that ciprofibrate, a new orally active phenoxyisobutyrate, is significantly more hypolipidemic than is the reference clofibrate. In hyperlipidemic rats ciprofibrate suppresses the increase in blood lipids 33% at a daily dosage of 0.6--3 mg/kg. The corresponding dosage for clofibrate is 125--460 mg/kg. Based on studies with(More)
Complex human actions are modelled as graphs over basic attributes and their spatial and temporal relationships. The attribute dictionary as well as the graphical structure are learned automatically from training data. y(x,w) = D X i=0 wixi 1 The activity model A set C = {ci, c2, . . . , cC} of C complex activities is considered, where each activity ci is(More)
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