Devin Hughes

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There is a growing desire/requirement in the military to send large amounts of information (large data files or streaming video) through a wireless network. Existing military wireless communication devices/networks have a tremendous limitation as to data rate. Most existing military wireless networks/devices transmit at much less than 500 Kbps, which is not(More)
This study focuses on the development of a nonlinear control design for a fully-actuated autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) using a continuous robust integral of the sign of the error control structure to compensate for system uncertainties and sufficiently smooth bounded exogenous disturbances. A Lyapunov stability analysis is included to prove semiglobal(More)
This paper describes the design, development and implementation procedures of a swarm-robotics project at the Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MIL) at the University of Florida. The main objective of this work is to develop a multipurpose and powerful platform for the study and improvement of swarm robotics techniques. The first objective is to produce a(More)
For the past fourteen years, students from the University of Florida’s Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MIL) have brought their minds together to design and create autonomous robots with a focus on solving real-world problems for industry and military applications. Most of the team is currently enrolled in the Electrical and Computer Engineering or(More)
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