Devin Gaffney

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This study compares six metrics commonly used to identify influential players in two of Canada’s largest political Twitter communities based on the users, and ranking order of users, identified by each metric. All tweets containing the hashtag #CPC, representing the Conservative Party of Canada (government), and #NDP, representing the New Democratic Party(More)
The movements of ideas and content between locations and languages are unquestionably crucial concerns to researchers of the information age, and Twitter has emerged as a central, global platform on which hundreds of millions of people share knowledge and information. A variety of research has attempted to harvest locational and linguistic metadata from(More)
Following a decade of accumulating clinical reports on child drowning in domestic swimming pools, paediatricians began advocating legislation that would require all pools to be 'isolation' fenced. In 1990, the New South Wales Government introduced and then repeated such legislation following intense lobbying and media advocacy from a group of pool owners.(More)
The health authority and trust proposals for Birmingham's health services, currently the subject of consultation, are radical, untested and uncosted. They assume that once emergency assessment and ambulatory care centres are operational, under half the current caseload will need inpatient stays. University Hospital Birmingham trust's proposal for a new(More)