Devi Thirupathi

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The acute appendicitis necessitates emergency abdominal surgery and in the past decade, sonography has gained acceptance for examining patients with acute abdominal pain. Sonographic imaging is dynamic, noninvasive, rapid, inexpensive and readily accessible. Manual analysis of sonographic image is a tedious process and consumes enormous time. The authors(More)
Appendicitis is a most common abdominal condition that necessitates emergency surgery. Sonographic images become very handy in diagnosing the condition of the appendicitis in a patient. Sonographic image mining technique is a dynamic, noninvasive, rapid and inexpensive technique. This research work proposes a new methodology based on image mining for(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm to enhance text documents using intuitionistic fuzzy approach. The text document to be enhanced is obtained through scanner. In real life situations, this type of document occurs as handwritten/printed text and historical documents. Contrast intensification (CI) operator on intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFSs) can be used to(More)
This research is concerned with the study and analysis of product functionality and its association with the physical structure of the product and to develop a product functionality information model (PFIM) for effective management of the product development process. PFIM will enable the designer to make good use of the existing product data and bring more(More)
The increasing complexity, heterogeneity and dynamism of Web and its applications have made Web information retrieval less recent, less relevant and unmanageable. The search engines face the problem of keeping the contents of its repository consistent with the pages present in the global database using optimum resource utilization. This paper proposes a(More)
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