Devi Prakash Tokala

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STUDY DESIGN Case report and literature review. OBJECTIVE To illustrate that ossification of the proximal thoracic ligamenta flava can be a rare cause of acute myelopathy in a Caucasian patient and that timely surgery can lead to a good outcome. SETTING Nottingham, UK. METHODS Proximal multiple contiguous ossified thoracic ligamenta flava from T3/T4(More)
Our objective is to report on the clinical and radiological outcome following a decancellisation closing wedge osteotomy for the correction of fixed cervico-thoracic kyphosis in patients with ankylosing spondylitis. The only treatment available for severe fixed flexion deformity of the cervical spine in these patients is an extension osteotomy.(More)
Our objective was to report on the clinical and radiological outcome from a cohort of patients with neuromuscular scoliosis who underwent selective anterior single rod instrumentation for correction of thoraco-lumbar and lumbar scoliosis. Traditionally combined anterior release with long posterior instrumentation has been advocated for the treatment of(More)
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