Devi Chandramohan

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In this paper, we propose an improved deformable template algorithm for modeling the shape of a talker's mouth. We use a two step approach which begins by classifying mouth images into broad categories. The classi cation procedure yields both a set of template parameters (in e ect, a unique template) and a set of initial conditions. The second step is to(More)
Internet provides huge number of Web Services and it has become an overhead for the clients to select the appropriate web Service. Different service providers offer the same service with same functionalities, and it is crucial for the users to choose the best. Also some users may need certain service that needs to be combined with already existing atomic(More)
Rapid Prototyping Technology is a group of manufacturing processes that enable the direct physical realization of 3D computer models. This technology converts the 3D computer data provided by a dedicated file format directly to a physical model, layer by layer with a high degree of accuracy. This technology is fast developing and is more than competitive to(More)
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