Devesh R Khanal

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Correlated electron materials can undergo a variety of phase transitions, including superconductivity, the metal-insulator transition and colossal magnetoresistance. Moreover, multiple physical phases or domains with dimensions of nanometres to micrometres can coexist in these materials at temperatures where a pure phase is expected. Making use of the(More)
Silicon nanowires are expected to have applications in transistors, sensors, resonators, solar cells and thermoelectric systems. Understanding the surface properties and dopant distribution will be critical for the fabrication of high-performance devices based on nanowires. At present, determination of the dopant concentration depends on a combination of(More)
We have modeled the field and space charge distributions in back-gate and top-gate nanowire field effect transistors by solving the three-dimensional Poisson's equation numerically. It is found that the geometry of the gate oxide, the semiconductivity of the nanowire, and the finite length of the device profoundly affect both the total amount and the(More)
We have calculated the effects of quantum confinement on maximum achievable free carrier concentrations in semiconductor nanowires. Our calculations are based on the amphoteric defect model, which describes the thermodynamic doping limit in semiconductors in terms of the compensation of external dopants by native defects. We find that the generation of(More)
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