Devesh Kumar Singh

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Osteoblastoma (OB) is a rare bony neoplasm constituting around 1% of all primary bone tumors. Although the vertebrae and long bones are the most common sites affected by OB, skull remains a relatively uncommon site of occurrence. Aggressive variant of OB is histologically intermediate between an indolent conventional OB and a malignant osteosarcoma. To the(More)
Computational models are increasingly used to explore possible mechanisms underlying infant capability in various tasks. Often, such models do not work directly on perceptual data, but on hand-computed features of images; such models are open to the criticism that these high-level features may not be what is actually computed in the neural computation. Here(More)
Trends in pre- and postoperative fluid, electrolyte and osmolarity changes, and incidence of diabetes insipidus (DI) were assessed in pediatric patients with anterior visual pathway gliomas (AVPGs). Thirty-three patients with AVPGs (age < 16 years) were divided into two groups: (1) no hypothalamic involvement [NHI; n = 17 (51.5 %) including optic (5, 15.2(More)
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