Devesh C. Jinwala

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The proliferation of Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) help to realize the nomadic computing paradigm with ubiquitous access. Though they ensure self-maintainable, dynamic and temporary topology, the MANETS also suffer from constraints in power, storage and computational resources. In addition, the pervasiveness, ubiquity and the inherent wireless nature,(More)
MANETs have unique characteristics like dynamic topology, wireless radio medium, limited resources and lack of centralized administration, as a result, they are vulnerable to different types of attacks in different layers of protocol stack. Each node in a MANET is capable of acting as a router. Routing is one of the aspects having various security concerns.(More)
Ensuring communications security in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) indeed is critical; due to the criticality of the resources in the sensor nodes as well as due to their ubiquitous and pervasive deployment, with varying attributes and degrees of security required. The proliferation of the next generation sensor nodes, has not solved this problem, because(More)
The current massive proliferation of data has led to collaborative data mining that requires preservation of individual privacy of the participants. A number of algorithms proposed till date in this scenario are limited to mining association rules and do not consider their cyclic nature that finds associations with respect to the time segment. Hence(More)
It is to select and configure the appropriate constituent components when designing an effective dynamic load balancing algorithm for distributed systems, since the performance of a dynamic load balancing algorithm heavily depends on these components. The main concern of this paper is to analyze and explore the various components for designing dynamic load(More)
Privacy preserving data mining has gained considerable attention because of the increased concerns to ensure privacy of sensitive information. Amongst the two basic approaches for privacy preserving data mining, viz. Randomization based and Cryptography based, the later provides high level of privacy but incurs higher computational as well as communication(More)
In Ciphertext-Policy Attribute Based Encryption (CP-ABE), attributes are attached to the user's secret key and access policy is attached to the ciphertext. If attributes in the secret key of a user satisfy the policy then only the user can decrypt the ciphertext. However, such scenario also necessitates periodic updating of the secret key with the(More)