Devendra Vidhani

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—We describe new, efficient algorithms for layout modification and phase assignment for dark field alternating-type phase shifting masks in the single exposure regime. We make the following contributions. First, we suggest new two-coloring and compaction approach that simultaneously optimizes layout and phase assignment which is based on planar embedding of(More)
Performance of high-speed VLSI circuits is increasingly limited by interconnect coupling noise. We present simple and improved analytical models for noise phenomena due to coupling capacitance. We extend the Π model presented in [4] to accommodate a segmented aggressor. We also include a linear driver resistance in the modeling of both victims and(More)
Given a graph G with weighted edges, and a subset of nodes T, t h e T-join problem asks for a minimum weight e d g e s e t A such t h a t a node u is incident to an odd number of edges of A ii u 2 T. W e describe the applications of the T-join problem in sparse graphs to the phase assignment problem in VLSI mask layout and to conformal reenement of nite(More)
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