Devendra Singh Rathore

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UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Unsafe injection practices and injection overuse are widespread in developing countries harming the patient and inviting risks to the health care workers. In Nepal, there is a dearth of documented information about injection practices so the present study was carried out: a) to determine whether the selected government health(More)
Injection is one of the important health care procedures used globally to administer drugs. Its unsafe use can transmit various blood borne pathogens. This article aims to review the history and status of injection practices, its importance, interventions and the challenges for safe injection practice in developing countries. The history of injections(More)
BACKGROUND Community pharmacies in Nepal serve as the first point of contact for the public with the health care system and provide many services, including administering injections. However, there is a general lack of documented information on pharmacy practice and injection use in these pharmacies. This study aims to provide information about pharmacy(More)
In Nepal, reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) occurs on a voluntary basis by doctors, pharmacists, nurses, health assistants, and other healthcare professionals. The country's pharmacovigilance program is still in its infancy; it has limited coverage and underreporting is common. This major limitation could be reduced with consumer involvement. This(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy (HTO) in medial unicompartmental osteoarthritis (MCOA) of knee and to compare between the two methods of osteotomy using either dynamic axial fixator (DAF) or locking compression plate (LCP). A total of 20 patients with medial osteoarthritis of knee were(More)
Today fertilizer has become essential to modern agriculture to feed the growing population. Chemical fertilizers are used extensively in modern agriculture, in order to improve crop yield. Urea is the most popular and widely used dry N fertilizer. The objective of the present study is to characterize the effect of fertilizers on the earthworm. The effects(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that unsafe injection practice is a major public health problem in Nepal but did not quantify the problem. The present community-based study was planned to: 1) quantify injection usage, 2) identify injection providers, 3) explore differences, if any, in injection usage and injection providers, and 4) study and compare(More)
BACKGROUND The unnecessary and unsafe use of injections is common in developing countries like Nepal. Policymakers have an important role in promoting rational and safe injection use. Hence, the present study was carried out to explore the perception of health policymakers regarding safe injection practice in Nepal. METHODS An exploratory qualitative(More)
BACKGROUND Consumer's knowledge and perception towards adverse drug reactions (ADR) can play an important role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle and proper use of medicines. AIMS This study aimed to assess the knowledge and perception towards pharma covigilance in general and consumer pharmacovigilance in particular among out patients in a teaching hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacovigilance concerns the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problems. Consumer pharmacovigilance is the involvement of consumers in adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting. Assessing healthcare professionals' (HCPs) knowledge of and attitude towards pharmacovigilance and consumer(More)