Devendra Sharma

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This paper presents a multi-agent–based hybrid particle swarm optimisation technique. The algorithm integrates the deterministic, the multi-agent system (MAS) and the particle swarm optimisation (PSO) algorithm. An agent in hybrid multi-agent PSO (HMAPSO) represents a particle to PSO and a candidate solution to optimisation problem. All agents search(More)
We investigate the influence of time-delayed coupling on the nature of the aging transition in a system of coupled oscillators that have a mix of active and inactive oscillators, where the aging transition is defined as the gradual loss of collective synchrony as the proportion of inactive oscillators is increased. We start from a simple model of two(More)
The vortex structures in a cloud of electrically suspended dust in a streaming plasma constitutes a driven system with a rich nonlinear flow regime. Experimentally recovered toroidal formations of this system have motivated study of its volumetrically driven-dissipative vortex flow dynamics using two-dimensional hydrodynamics in the incompressible(More)
We study the effect of time delay on the dynamics of a system of repulsively coupled nonlinear oscillators that are configured as a geometrically frustrated network. In the absence of time delay, frustrated systems are known to possess a high degree of multistability among a large number of coexisting collective states except for the fully synchronized(More)
1. Medical audit is a philosophy in the field of medical science which has reached to an advanced stage of practice in Western World, but yet to reach and percolate into Indian medical community. 2. Of late, community is getting increasingly aware of its health rights, gradually community participation in health matters including quantum and quality of(More)
On a hot July afternoon in the village ofAbirpur of India 's Bihar State, as the radio played old Hindi songs and the cows grazed along the mon­ soon-drenched paddy fields, Usha and her six friends gathered under the banyan tree to discuss their dilemma. How could they convince their par­ ents to allow them to attend the week-long participatory theater(More)
In a developing economy the real profitability of an industry needs to be assessed neither on the basis of its increasing rate of return nor on investment in relative terms. In recent decades another or additional approach has been used for measuring the success of an organisation i.e. “Value added statement” (VAS). The value added statement can be defined(More)
Flow structure of a dust medium electrostatically suspended and confined in a plasma presents a unique setup where the spatial scale of a volumetric drive by the plasma flow might exceed that of the boundaries confining the dust. By means of a formal implementation of a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model to a confined dust flow and its analytic curvilinear(More)