Devendra Kumar

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Reasons for the low coverage of immunization vary from logistic ones to those dependent on human behaviour. The study was planned to find out: (a) the immunization status of children admitted to a paediatric ward of tertiary-care hospital in Delhi, India and (b) reasons for partial immunization and non-immunization. Parents of 325 consecutively-admitted(More)
A comprehensive model has been proposed to account for the large enhancement of thermal conductivity in nanofluids and its strong temperature dependence, which the classical Maxwellian theory has been unable to explain. The dependence of thermal conductivity on particle size, concentration, and temperature has been taken care of simultaneously in our(More)
An earlier paper [l] presents an efficient distributed depth-first search algorithm, with a time complexity 2 1 V 1 and a message complexity 2 1 V I. The algorithm is derived from the traditional sequential depth-first search algorithm. We point out a few errors in the above paper [l] and the corresponding corrections. These errors are mostly minor coding(More)
We report the time dependent response of electrical resistivity in the non-magnetic perovskite oxide NdNiO(3) in its phase separated state and provide a physical explanation of the observations. We also model the system and make an accurate Monte Carlo simulation of the observed behavior. While cooling, a phase separation takes place in the system below its(More)
We present a model of Timed Petri Nets which is more general than known models in terms of modeling convenience. The model consists of simple but fairly general modules. This would result in simpler and more modular codes for simulation of these systems, as compared with the known models of Timed Petri Nets. After discussing this model, we present an(More)