Devendra Kumar

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Reasons for the low coverage of immunization vary from logistic ones to those dependent on human behaviour. The study was planned to find out: (a) the immunization status of children admitted to a paediatric ward of tertiary-care hospital in Delhi, India and (b) reasons for partial immunization and non-immunization. Parents of 325 consecutively-admitted(More)
An earlier paper [l] presents an efficient distributed depth-first search algorithm, with a time complexity 2 1 V 1 and a message complexity 2 1 V I. The algorithm is derived from the traditional sequential depth-first search algorithm. We point out a few errors in the above paper [l] and the corresponding corrections. These errors are mostly minor coding(More)
We present a model of Timed Petri Nets which is more general than known models in terms of modeling convenience. The model consists of simple but fairly general modules. This would result in simpler and more modular codes for simulation of these systems, as compared with the known models of Timed Petri Nets. After discussing this model, we present an(More)
Mango peel, a solid mango processing waste, comprises 15-20% of total fruit weight. This, being a rich source of lignocelluloses, was used as substrate for carboxymethyl cellulase (CMCase) production using Paenibacillus polymyxa. Maximum CMCase production (7.814 U mg(-1)) was observed in a medium containing 7% mango peel (w/v) with 1.5% ammonium sulphate(More)
A numerical method based on finite difference method with variable mesh is given for second order singularly perturbed self-adjoint two point boundary value problems. The original problem is reduced to its normal form and the reduced problem is solved by FDM taking variable mesh(geometric mesh). The maximum absolute errors maxijyðxiÞ yij, for different(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 4. Solution by Homotopy Perturbation Sumudu Transform Method (HPSTM) 4.1. Basic Idea of HPSTM. To illustrate the basic idea of this method, we consider a general fractional nonlinear nonhomogeneous partial differential equationwith the initial condition of the form D α t U (x, t) + RU (x, t) + NU (x, t) = g (x, t) , (11) U (x, 0) = f(More)
A numerical method based on finite difference method with variable mesh is given for self-adjoint singularly perturbed two-point boundary value problems. To obtain parameteruniform convergence, a variable mesh is constructed, which is dense in the boundary layer region and coarse in the outer region. The uniform convergence analysis of the method is(More)
Triceps rupture is the least common among all tendon injuries. The usual mechanism of injury is a fall on an outstretched hand, although direct contact injuries have also been reported to cause this injury. The diagnosis of acute triceps tendon rupture may be missed, which can result in prolonged disability and delayed operative management. We presented(More)