Devendra Kumar

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An earlier paper [l] presents an efficient distributed depth-first search algorithm, with a time complexity 2 1 V 1 and a message complexity 2 1 V I. The algorithm is derived from the traditional sequential depth-first search algorithm. We point out a few errors in the above paper [l] and the corresponding corrections. These errors are mostly minor coding(More)
We present a model of Timed Petri Nets which is more general than known models in terms of modeling convenience. The model consists of simple but fairly general modules. This would result in simpler and more modular codes for simulation of these systems, as compared with the known models of Timed Petri Nets. After discussing this model, we present an(More)
In this paper, the homotopy perturbation transform method (HPTM) has been applied to obtain the solution of the linear and nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations. The homotopy perturbation transform method is a combined form of the Laplace transform method with the homotopy perturbation method. This scheme finds the solution without any discretization or(More)