Devendra Kumar Rai

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The river Ganges has been one of the major recipients of industrial effluents in India. The present paper deals with the study related to occurrence and bioaccumulation of heavy metals (Cu, Cr, Cd, Pb, Zn) in the riverine water, sediment, and the muscles of two cat fish species, Channa punctatus (C. punctatus) and Aorichthys aor (A. aor) procured from the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the antioxidant activity of aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera (M. oleifera) young leaves by in vivo as well as in vitro assays. METHODS In vitro study included estimation of total phenolic, total flavonol, total flavonoid and total antioxidant power (FRAP assay). In addition, in vivo study was done with the identified most(More)
Erythrocytes are readily available cells and a good model system to study the health status of individuals with pathologic complications. It can also serve as a meaningful target to study toxicant/xenobiotic-induced damages. We have prepared different concentrations of a carbamate pesticide (carbofuran) and carried out experiments to determine its toxicity(More)
BACKGROUND Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) is a picornavirus that infects cloven-hoofed animals and leads to severe losses in livestock production. In the case of an FMD outbreak, emergency vaccination requires at least 7 days to trigger an effective immune response. There are currently no approved inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of FMDV(More)
The industrial activities pose threat to the life of aquatic organisms in many ways. This research communication presents an account of the impact of fertilizer industry effluent upon the levels of protein and the activity of lactate dehydrogenase (EC, LDH), a terminal key enzyme in glycolytic pathway, in different organs of a fresh water teleost(More)
Absorption and fluorescence spectra of Eu3+ ions doped in a tellurite glass have been recorded and analysed. Judd-Ofelt analysis has been done in order to calculate the different optical parameters such as oscillator strength, Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters, stimulated emission cross-section, transition probability, branching ratio, radiative lifetime,(More)
Chronic exposure to carbofuran, a carbamate pesticide, via oral administration has been reported to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) in rat brain. However, information regarding the effect of short-term intraperitoneal (i.p.) carbofuran intoxication on oxidative stress is lacking. In the present study, the effect of carbofuran on oxidative indices in(More)
Bovine rhinitis viruses (BRVs) cause mild respiratory disease of cattle. In this study, a near full-length genome sequence of a virus named RS3X (formerly classified as bovine rhinovirus type 1), isolated from infected cattle from the UK in the 1960s, was obtained and analyzed. Compared to other closely related Aphthoviruses, major differences were detected(More)
The nuclear protein Src-associated protein of 68 kDa in mitosis (Sam68) is known to bind RNA and be involved in cellular processes triggered in response to environmental stresses, including virus infection. Interestingly, Sam68 is a multi-functional protein implicated in the life cycle of retroviruses and picornaviruses and is also considered a marker of(More)
Monitoring of acetylcholinesterase (EC:, AChE) activity has been widely used in aquatic and terrestrial systems as an indicator of pollutant exposure. The reports regarding impact of fertilizer industry effluent on the level of AChE activity are very scanty. In this paper, an attempt has been made to investigate the in vitro impact of fertilizer(More)