Devendra Kumar Gupta

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BACKGROUND Anorectal malformations (ARM) are common congenital anomalies seen throughout the world. Comparison of outcome data has been hindered because of confusion related to classification and assessment systems. METHODS The goals of the Krinkenbeck Conference on ARM was to develop standards for an International Classification of ARM based on a(More)
Congenital pouch colon (CPC), a condition associated with anorectal agenesis has been reported mainly from the Indian subcontinent though there have been few case reports from other areas. The pouch differs from a normal colon structurally, histologically and functionally. The management involves a diversion colostomy at birth with or without the excision(More)
PURPOSE We investigated whether the preemptive use of gabapentin, a structural analogue of gamma amino butyric acid could reduce postoperative pain and fentanyl consumption in patients after single-level lumbar discoidectomy. METHODS Fifty-six ASA I and II patients were randomly allocated into two equal groups to receive either gabapentin 300 mg or(More)
UNLABELLED Bladder discomfort secondary to an indwelling urinary catheter is distressing, particularly for patients awakening from anesthesia. We sought to discover the incidence and severity of bladder discomfort in patients who were catheterized intraoperatively and to evaluate the efficacy of tolterodine, a pure muscarinic receptor antagonist, in(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation of the gonads and internal genital structures is an essential component for evaluation of patients presenting with ambiguous genitalia. Ultrasonography (US) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are the two preferred modalities. OBJECTIVE To compare US and MRI in patients with intersex for localization of gonads and internal(More)
BACKGROUND The primary aim of this study is to detail the problems, complications, their avoidance, and management with transanal pull-through developed from experience with 65 patients. METHODS A retrospective study of 65 patients who underwent transanal pull-through between January 2002 and December 2006 was conducted. Their medical charts and operative(More)
Venipuncture is the most common painful event for a hospitalized child. We evaluated the efficacy of balloon inflation for attenuating venipuncture pain in children. Seventy-five pediatric patients aged 6-12 yr, ASA physical status I-II, of either sex, undergoing elective surgery were included in this prospective and randomized study. Patients were randomly(More)
UNLABELLED Propofol causes pain on IV injection in 28%-90% of patients. A number of techniques have been tried to minimize propofol-induced pain, with variable results. We compared the efficacy of pretreatment with thiopental 0.25 mg/kg and 0.5 mg/kg and lidocaine 40 mg after venous occlusion for prevention of propofol-induced pain. One-hundred-twenty-four(More)
Postoperative sore throat (POST), although a minor complication, remains a source of postoperative morbidity. We compared the efficacy of dispersible aspirin gargle to benzydamine hydrochloride (a topical nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug) gargles for prevention of POST. We enrolled 60 consecutive female patients, 16-60 yr of age, ASA physical status I or(More)