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For Global Service-Oriented Architecture (GSOA), we need to make sure that the Web Services provided by the service providers are visible to all potential consumers across the globe. In this paper, we discuss about Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) and its limitations as public repository. For this, we propose using Really Simple(More)
Using Eucalyptus Systems' private cloud solution, an institute can build Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) that can satisfy the requirements of an institute, but it is assumed that infinite computing resources are available on demand thereby eliminating the need for cloud computing users to plan far ahead for provisioning.. However, due to extensive usage of(More)
Global Service Oriented Architecture (Global SOA) is about the entire Web being a reusable, shareable, public SOA. This work (in progress) presents a detailed analysis of the security requirements for Global SOA. The main problem in seamless ubiquitous integration of distributed network of web services into one Global Service oriented Architecture is that(More)
Virtual Machine (VM) security is one of the biggest issues with a cloud environment. This issue could be solved with the help of Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) tools. VMI tools monitor the state of Virtual machine running in the cloud environment. VMI tools extract state of a virtual machine without the consent of the guest system. These VMI tools are(More)
Advances in computing technology have allowed researchers across many fields of endeavor to collect and maintain vast amounts of observational statistical data such as clinical data, biological patient data, data regarding access of web sites , financial data, and the like. Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) segmentation is a complex problem in the(More)
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