Devdatt Mhatre

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STUDY DESIGN Comparative in vitro, biomechanical study. OBJECTIVE Compare the effect of rod curvature and material properties on rod flattening and correctional forces. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Traditional methods of correction for large progressive deformities involve 3-dimensional correction, performed with an attempt to reach a balanced correction(More)
Over the past few decades, remarkable advancements in the understanding of the origin of low-back pain and lumbar spinal disorders have been achieved. Spinal fusion is generally considered the "gold standard" in the treatment of low-back pain; however, fusion is also associated with accelerated degeneration of adjacent levels. Spinal arthroplasty and(More)
BACKGROUND The foot is the foundation of the body. The stability of the osseous hindfoot structure is crucial in bipedal locomotion. The subtalar joint is responsible for conversion of the rotatory forces of the lower extremities and dictates the movements of the midtarsal joints and the forefoot. In a hyperpronated foot, excessive abnormal pronation(More)
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