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Existing cellular networks and their services are not equipped enough to deal with such emergency situations that arise following natural disasters like an earthquake or tornado. Often, immediately after a natural disaster, cellular base stations (BS) in the affected areas face power outage problems and their backup power does not last long owing mostly to(More)
Telecommunication networks often face power outage problems in the natural disaster affected areas. Also, owing to a sudden substantial increase in network traffic loads the battery backup power of the base stations run out quickly and therefore hampering telecommunication services. To overcome this system performance issues, we propose a Long Term(More)
We propose a fast and reliable target Evolved Node B (TeNB) selection scheme for Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) handover (HO). Selection of the TeNB in LTE-A HO procedure is based on signal strength requirements and thus may not be ideal. Also, during each measurement period the user equipment (UE) needs to perform scanning of multiple neighboring eNB(More)
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