Devasier Bennet

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Targeting oxidative stress with inhibiting or boosting the endogenous levels of antioxidants potentially has an outstanding effect in the treatment of oxidative-stress-related diseases. The present work demonstrates the synthesis of quercetin nanoemulsion as one of the potential antioxidants for the treatment of oxidative- stress-related diseases. A(More)
Antioxidant (quercetin) and hypoglycemic (voglibose) drug-loaded poly-D,L-lactideco-glycolide nanoparticles were successfully synthesized using the solvent evaporation method. The dual drug-loaded nanoparticles were incorporated into a scaffold film using a solvent casting method, creating a controlled transdermal drug-delivery system. Key features of the(More)
Exploring the cellular behavior and real-time evaluation of light-induced stress in retinal cells requires advanced sensitive methods. Here, an analytical application of a bioimpedance system was developed to quantify cell morphology changes in light-induced anatomical response. Hence, an unprecedented light setup was established using a bioimpedance system(More)
Plants contain enriched bioactive molecules that can protect against skin diseases. Bioactive molecules become unstable and ineffective due to unfavorable conditions. In the present study, to improve the therapeutic efficacy of phytodrugs and enhance photoprotective capability, we used poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) as a carrier of apple peel ethanolic(More)
This Article describes an unprecedented, simple, and real-time in vitro analytical tool to measure the luminous effect on the time responses function of retinal ganglion cells (RGC-5) by electric cell substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) system. The ECIS system was used for the continuous measurement of different color light-induced effects on the response of(More)
A light radiation causes dysfunction and death of retinal cells and leads to degeneration. Present study, investigated the light-induced cell dysfunction, and their activity. Further, the effects of agmatine and resveratrol on light-induced damage and these underlying photo-oxidative and protective mechanisms were monitored by real-time bio-impedance(More)
This review will present a brief discussion on the recent advancements of bioelectrical impedance cell-based biosensors, especially the electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) system for screening of various bioactive molecules. The different technical integrations of various chip types, working principles, measurement systems, and applications for(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze photo-dynamic and photo-pathology changes of different color light radiations on human adult skin cells. We used a real-time biophysical and biomechanics monitoring system for light-induced cellular changes in an in vitro model to find mechanisms of the initial and continuous degenerative process. Cells were exposed to(More)
Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) triggers many complex events in different types of skin cells, including benign, malignant and normal cells. Chromophores present in these cells play a crucial role in various cellular processes. Unprecedented methods are required for the real-time monitoring of changes in an in vitro model exposed to intermittent mild and(More)
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