Devashree Rai

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Association rule mining is one of the important problems of data mining. Single minimum support based approaches of association rule mining suffers from "rare item problem". An improved approach MSApriori uses multiple supports to generate association rules that consider rare item sets. Necessity to first identify the "large" set of(More)
Face recognition is one of the most significant achievements in human vision. It has emerged that eigenface, neural network, graph matching, hidden markov model, geometrical feature matching ,template matching, 3D morphable model , line edge map (LEM) , support vector machine (SVM) ,multiple classifier systems (MCSs) are fashionable techniques of face(More)
A method of modeling, simulation and auto-coding of OSEK compliant software for embedded application with non-preemptive multitasking is presented in this paper. The system services and the application programming interfaces (APIs) of the operating system (OS) has been modeled in Matlabreg environment. The application layer model uses the OS interfaces and(More)
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