Devaraja Achar

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It is estimated that 1,570 million people are at risk of iodine deficiency. Because of the wide spectrum of disorders that IDD includes, and lack of any obvious association between iodine deficiency and its health effects, IDD is not perceived as a major public health problem. For any disease to be effectively controlled, awareness at all levels from(More)
BACKGROUND The term 'Iodine deficiency disorders' (IDDs) reflects the spectrum of health effects due to iodine deficiency at all ages. So far, no survey for IDD has been carried out in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (A&N). Therefore, we aimed to determine the status of IDDs at Car Nicobar Island and to assess the iodine content of salt available for(More)
  • D P Achar
  • 1990
Women and their male partners may choose to bear fewer children if they expect their offspring to survive into adulthood. Great need therefore exists to reduce levels of perinatal and infant mortality. Maternal-child health (MCH) services are said to be integrated from the highest to the most peripheral level, but pregnant and sick mothers are really the(More)
Coffea canephora exhibit poor root system and are very sensitive to drought stress that affects growth and production. Deeper root system has been largely empirical as better avoidance to soil water limitation in drought condition. The present study aimed to identify molecular markers linked to high root types in Coffea canephora using molecular markers.(More)
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