Devanshu Dhyani

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The unabated growth and increasing significance of the World Wide Web has resulted in a flurry of research activity to improve its capacity for serving information more effectively. But at the heart of these efforts lie implicit assumptions about "quality" and "usefulness" of Web resources and services. This observation points towards measurements and(More)
8 The significance of modeling and measuring various attributes of the Web in part or as a whole is 9 undeniable. Modeling information phenomena on the Web constitutes fundamental research towards an 10 understanding that will contribute to the goal of increasing its utility. Although Web related metrics have 11 become increasingly sophisticated, few employ(More)
Organizations are increasingly choosing the use of the web to provide their services to their clients. Services are the systemization of the business processes in the organization. Due to the great number of existing modeling methods and the increasing use of internet, it is necessary to identify the information that modeling methods allow to specify. In(More)
Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus (CNRMV) is a graft transmitted virus, known to infect sweet cherries and some other Prunus species. Recently, this virus has been explored for its natural hosts and has emerged as a significant virus in India, infecting many species of bamboos with a high incidence of 65 %, thereby expanding its host range. A wild rose(More)
High level of genetic diversity and morphological variations were observed among and within the different Rosa species studied. The key traits which differentiated the species were nature of plant, habit, shape of prickles, shape of stipules, leaflet shape, type of leaf margin, vestiture of ventral side of leaflet and flower shape, whereas, traits for(More)
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