Devanshi Gupta

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The biorhythm of melatonin in human newborns is established later than that of either serotonin or N-acetylserotonin. Towards the end of the first year of life, the melatonin rhythm is a well established phenomenon and its nocturnal increment is equal to that seen in the pre-school children. Following this period the magnitude of nighttime melatonin(More)
Dropped head secondary to weakness of the neck extensors has been reported in a wide assortment of neuromuscular disorders. Infrequently, dropped head can be the first sign of disease. We describe two patients with dropped head as the presenting manifestation of mitochondrial myopathy. In both patients, serum lactate was elevated and muscle biopsy showed(More)
Ptosis has long been recognized as a presenting sign of myasthenia gravis, and the appearance of ptosis or increasing ptosis with passive lid elevation of opposite eye is a useful bedside diagnostic test for this disease. We describe a patient whose ptosis worsened in either eye when the examiner passively held the opposite eyelid. She was initially thought(More)
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