Devang Shah

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We describe an implementation of a threads library that provides extremely lightweight threads within a single UNIX process while allowing fully concurrent access to system resources. The threads are lightweight enough so that they can be created quickly, there can be thousands present, and synchronization can be accomplished rapidly. These goals are(More)
We describe a model for multiple threads of control within a single UNIX process. The main goals are to provide extremely lightweight threads and to rationalize and extend the UNIX Application Programming Interface for a multi-threaded environment. The threads are intended to be sufficiently lightweight so that there can be thousands present and that(More)
During the 1980's the use of computers and information technologies began to have an impact on higher education As an integral part of this trend, in 1983 MIT in partnership with the Digital Equipment Corporation and the IBM Corporation launched Project Athena which was designed to make computation available to undergraduate students through a network of(More)
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