Devalla V Ramana

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MOTIVATION The annotation of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome remains a problem in terms of time and quality. To improve the annotation process, we want to choose the most appropriate tools to use inside a computer-assisted annotation platform. We therefore need evaluation of prediction programs with Arabidopsis sequences containing multiple genes. RESULTS(More)
Between 1950-1976 world population increased by 1.5 billion and was accompanied by unprecedented levels of poverty, unemployment, and inequality. Additional problems associated with this marked population increase are related to food supply, human resource development, the infrastructure component of human organization - housing, water supply, and lighting(More)
Morgagnian hernia is a congenital diaphragmatic hernia which occurs through anteromedial defect in the diaphragm. A 58-year-old lady was referred for surgical management of chronic massive pleural effusion. High-resolution CT scan of the chest demonstrated an anteromedial defect in the diaphragm and with contents being colon and great omentum. She required(More)
Article history: Received October 2, 2012 Received in Revised Format March 12, 2013 Accepted March 14, 2013 Available online March 15 2013 Leagile supply chain management has emerged as a proactive approach for improving business value of companies. The companies that face volatile and unpredictable market demand of their products must pioneer in leagile(More)
Received Jan 16, 2017 Revised Mar 16, 2017 Accepted Mar 30, 2017 Inverter fed Induction motor drives are deployed across a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Although the drives in the question are well known for their reliable operation in any type of environment, it becomes an important daunting critical task to have them in continuous(More)
  • M. Mary Prasanthi, B. Appa Rao, B. V. Narasimha Rao, Y. Phani Krishna, Devalla V Ramana
  • 2017
The development of lyophilized injection of zoledronic acid, mannitol used as lyophilisation aid, sodium citrate as buffering agent and water for injection as solvent. The filled vials were loaded into lyophilizer and lyophilized them as per standard cycle and for development of stability for reconstitution. The objective of the project is to formulate the(More)
Differential Power Analysis used in the crypto circuits may be attacked by an another/separate party, using power consumption dependence on secret message/information for hiding critical data (information).To avoid DPA and security basis differential logic styles are basically used, because of constant power dissipation. This paper is also proposed a new(More)
Titanium(IV)-promoted regioselective ring-opening reaction of chiral epoxy-allyl alcohols (Sharpless conditions as the key strategic step) is developed as a tool for ready access to chiral 5,6-dihydroxyoct-7-en-4-yl alkoxylates. Later, the synthetic utility of products thereof was demonstrated through the RCM based stereoselective synthesis of various(More)
(1R,2R)-1-Phenyl-1-alkyl/arylamino-2-(N-alkylamino)propane hydrochloride salts have been synthesized with high degree of enantiomeric purity from (1S,2R)-(+)-1-phenyl-2-(N-alkylamino)-1-propanol through the corresponding chloro derivatives. This reaction sequence involves three inversions with overall inversion of configuration at C-1.