Deva Kumar Deeptimahanti

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This paper describes a domain independent tool, named, UML Model Generator from Analysis of Requirements (UMGAR), which generates UML models like the Use-case Diagram, Analysis class model, Collaboration diagram and Design class model from natural language requirements using efficient Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. UMGAR implements a set of(More)
Going from requirements analysis to design phase is considered as one of the most complex and difficult activities in software development. Errors caused during this activity can be quite expensive to fix in later phases of software development. One main reason for such potential problems is due to the specification of software requirements in Natural(More)
Parallelizing serial software systems in order to run in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment presents many challenges to developers. In particular, the extant literature suggests the task of decomposing large-scale data applications is particularly complex and time-consuming. In order to take stock of the state of practice of data decomposition(More)
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