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A natural population of Drosophila melanogaster was sampled twice over a 5-year interval from the same French locality in the same season. Reaction norms of wing and thorax length and wing/thorax ratio, according to growth temperature (12-31 °C) were analysed in ten isofemale lines for each sample. Reaction norms were very similar between years, showing not(More)
There is emerging evidence that inflammation may lead to prostate cancer development. Although inflammation is an essential response to injury or infection, chronic inflammation is harmful and causes tissue damage. Increasing evidence suggests that inflammation leads to the development of epithelial cancers; however, studies on inflammation-targeted genes(More)
Immunotherapy represents a novel treatment approach for cancer; however, a longer maturation time and the lack of immunological markers are major obstacles in the development and characterization of immunological therapies. This study aims to identify gene expression profile on CD8+ T cells between the responder (completely regressed tumors) and(More)
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