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Most drosophilid species can be classified either as temperate or tropical. Adults of species were submitted to a cold treatment (0 degrees C) and then brought back to ambient temperature. They generally exhibited a chill coma and the time needed to recover was measured. We found in a set of 26 temperate species that recovery was rapid (average 1.8 min,(More)
Desiccation and starvation tolerance were measured along latitudinal transects in three Drosophilid species (Drosophila ananassae, D. melanogaster, and Zaprionus indianus) of the Indian subcontinent. In each case, significant latitudinal clines were observed; desiccation tolerance increased with latitude while starvation tolerance decreased. Such field(More)
Natural populations of Drosophila kikkawai were collected in India and Sri Lanka, along a latitudinal transect ranging from 6.8 degrees to 31.8 degrees N latitude. Six morphometrical traits were analysed: wing and thorax length, body weight, ovariole number, and abdominal and sternopleural bristle numbers. Significant clines were observed for the three-size(More)
BACKGROUND The acquisition of an androgen-independent phenotype is the most serious issue of prostate cancer treatment. Although several experimental cell models have been reported for studying androgen independence, they have limited applications related to hormone-refractory prostate cancer. To investigate the molecular mechanism of androgen-independent(More)
We examined the genetic architecture of plasticity of thorax and wing length in response to temperature in Drosophila melanogaster. Reaction norms as a function of growth temperature were analyzed in 20 isofemale lines in a natural population collected from Grande Ferrade near Bordeaux (southern France) in two different years. We found evidence for a(More)
We analyzed natural populations of Zaprionus indianusin 10 Indian localities along a south-north transect (latitude: 10–31°3 N). Size traits (body weight, wing length and thorax length) as well as a reproductive trait (ovariole number) followed a pattern of clinal variation, that is, trait value increased with latitude. Wing/thorax ratio, which is inversely(More)
A natural population of Drosophila melanogaster was sampled twice over a 5-year interval from the same French locality in the same season. Reaction norms of wing and thorax length and wing/thorax ratio, according to growth temperature (12-31 °C) were analysed in ten isofemale lines for each sample. Reaction norms were very similar between years, showing not(More)
A disintegrin and metalloproteases (ADAMs) are proteins that contain both a disintegrin and metalloprotease domain and have potential implications for the metastasis of human cancer cells via cell adhesion and protease activities. In this study, we analyzed the expression levels of ADAM-9, ADAM-10 and ADAM-17 (TNF-alpha converting enzyme, TACE), and TIMP-3(More)
BACKGROUND The expression of prostate-derived factor (PDF) is significantly elevated in human prostate tumors. We investigate the functional role and signaling of PDF in androgen receptor (AR)-positive human prostate cancer cells. METHODS Transient or stable expression of PDF by cDNA transfection, antisense-mediated gene silencing, media conditioned by(More)
Modulation of immune response to alleviate diseases has long since been of interest. Plant extracts have been widely investigated for their possible immunomodulatory properties. We have evaluated the immunomodulatory activity of aqueous extract of Rhodiola rhizome in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and mouse macrophage cell line RAW 264.7.(More)