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  • Detlev Helmig, Florence Bocquet, Lana Cohen, Samuel J Oltmans
  • 2007
The uptake of atmospheric ozone to the polar, year-round snowpack on glacial ice was studied at Summit, Greenland during three experiments in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Ozone was measured at up to three depths in the snowpack, on the surface, and above the surface at three heights on a tower along with supporting meteorological parameters. Ozone in interstitial(More)
[1] Continuous surface-layer ozone flux measurements over the polar, year-round snowpack at Summit, Greenland, resulted in deposition velocities (v d) that were smaller than most previous assumptions and model inputs. Substantial seasonal differences were seen in the ozone v d behavior. Spring, daytime ozone v d values showed low variability and were(More)
  • Keenan Anton Murray, Keenan Murray, Anton, Paul V Doskey, Louisa Kramer, Alex S Mayer +9 others
  • 2015
Spring Ozone Intrusion Event, is a planned submission to Atmospheric Environment. Brian Seok and Laurens Ganzeveld initially developed a parameterized model to attempt to replicate measurements of ozone and nitrogen oxides collected by Louisa Kramer, Brie Van Dam, and Detlev Helmig. The parameterized model was incapable of reproducing chemical trends in the(More)
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