Detlev Haack

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The aim of the present work was to develop a PAT strategy for the supervision of hot melt coating processes. Optical fibers were placed at various positions in the process chamber of a fluid bed device. Experiments were performed to determine the most suitable position for in-line process monitoring, taking into account such requirements as a good signal to(More)
Hot-melt coating is of growing interest, because it does not require solvents, resulting in reduced process times and costs. However, excipients for this technology are mainly triacylglycerides (TAGs) or their derivatives, which exhibit polymorphism, surface disruption, and complex crystallite networks, affecting the release profile of produced(More)
Extraoral appliances have been typically employed to deliver force systems to move teeth in directions parallel to the sagittal plane of the face. Their potential for concurrently producing transverse (buccal or lingual) movement has still not been fully explored. This study considers theoretical and experimental aspects of the magnitude and direction of(More)
Multiparticulate dosage forms are a recent strategy to meet the special needs of children, elderly people and patients suffering from dysphagia. Our study presents a novel and cost-efficient approach for the manufacturing of a taste-masked multiparticulate system with a stable immediate release profile by applying lipid-based excipients in a solvent-free(More)