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Semiconductor quantum dots containing two electrons, also called artificial quantum-dot helium atoms, are model structures to investigate the most fundamental many-particle states induced by Coulomb interaction and the Pauli exclusion principle. Here, electronic excitations in quantum-dot helium are investigated by resonant Raman spectroscopy in magnetic(More)
We present the atomic structure of Ir nanoparticles with 1.5 nm diameter at half height and three layers average height grown on graphene/Ir(111). Using surface x-ray diffraction, we demonstrate that Ir nanoparticles on graphene/Ir(111) form a crystallographic superlattice with high perfection. The superlattice arrangement allows us to obtain detailed(More)
Climate similarity favors biological invasion, but a match between seasonality in the novel range and the timing of life cycle events of the invader also influences the outcome of species introduction. Yet, phenology effects on invasion success have generally been neglected. Here we study whether a phenological mismatch limits the non-native range of a(More)
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