Detlev Droege

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Keyboard, mouse, and game controllers are common input devices for most computer games. Alternative devices are rarely used, restricting the player’s possible interaction with the virtual world. Computer vision techniques permit interaction with the computer that grants far more freedom than traditional devices, without the need of game-specific hardware(More)
Knowledge representation and annotation of multimedia documents typically have been pursued in two different directions. Previous approaches have focused either on low level descriptors, such as dominant color, or on the content dimension and corresponding manual annotations, such as person or vehicle. In this paper, we present a knowledge infrastructure to(More)
Commercial gaze-tracking devices provide accurate measurements of the visual gaze and are applied to a broad range of problems in marketing, human-computer interaction, and health care technology. In some applications commercial systems are either unavailable or unaffordable. Therefore, developing low cost solutions using off the shelf components is(More)
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