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This paper is devoted to the analysis of the broad technological field of mechatronics, robotics and components for automation and control systems. Several sub-fields are considered: (i) components and instruments, involving sensors, actuators, embedded systems and communications; (ii) mechatronics concepts and technologies; (iii) robotics; (iv)(More)
The development of Industry 4.0 will be accompanied by changing tasks and demands for the human in the factory. As the most flexible entity in cyber-physical production systems, workers will be faced with a large variety of jobs ranging from specification and monitoring to verification of production strategies. Through technological support it is guaranteed(More)
Milestone Reports serve as background materials for future research, development, and education relevant to technical fields led by the Coordinating Committees of IFAC indicated below. They contain current state of the art of the technologies such as key problems and recent accomplishments and future perspectives that address forecasting needs, challenges,(More)