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It is becoming more and more important for knowledge workers to increase their productivity. However, there is a general lack of (semi-)automated, IT-supported data collection and evaluation approaches that allow insights into the processes and structures of an enterprise's internal networks and the activities of its knowledge workers. The article presents(More)
In this paper, we describe the goals, organization and content of a global project course we have taught for the last six years, as well as challenges and lessons learned. The course has involved two to four sites and 30-40 students each year, both from Europe and the US. The students form project teams spanning several sites, and jointly perform creative(More)
—We introduce a novel set of social network analysis based algorithms for mining the Web, blogs, and online forums to identify trends and find the people launching these new trends. These algorithms have been implemented in Condor, a software system for predictive search and analysis of the Web and especially social networks. Algorithms include the temporal(More)
Ubiquitous information technologies like RFID allow for immediate, extensive and fine-grained capture of real world information. Scalable and efficient networks for exchange of this vast amount of information amongst companies are crucial for the economic exploitation of benefits of ubiquitous information technologies. Existing networks bear several(More)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a concept for increasing companies' profitability by enabling them to identify and concentrate on their profitable customers. The term Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management (ECCRM) refers to the application of CRM in electronic commerce, i.e. when business relationships are maintained via the Internet(More)
In the smartphone sector we are discerning a competition between Symbian, Apple, and Google for the dominating mobile platform. In the design of their mobile platforms and operating system these organizations use varying degrees of " openness " on different platform elements. We follow a design science approach to construct and apply a framework to better(More)