Detlef Schiel

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A novel surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) based approach for the quantitative determination of creatinine in human serum is described. Using isotopically labeled (2-13C, 2,3-15N2) creatinine as internal standard, SERS acquires the character of a ratio method that works similar to the well-established isotope dilution techniques. In conjunction with(More)
The measurement of isotope ratios of silicon highly enriched in (28)Si ("Si28", x((28)Si) > 99.99%) is influenced by a significant interference (20%) on the (30)Si(+) signal when using a cup configuration of C ((29)Si(+)) and H3 ((30)Si(+)) on a Neptune MC-ICPMS. This interference was observed in silicon solutions with aqueous NaOH (w(NaOH) > 0.001 g/g) and(More)
The Avogadro constant links the atomic and the macroscopic properties of matter. Since the molar Planck constant is well known via the measurement of the Rydberg constant, it is also closely related to the Planck constant. In addition, its accurate determination is of paramount importance for a definition of the kilogram in terms of a fundamental constant.(More)
An alternative post column online double isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ID-ICP-MS) method was developed. The resulting equation allows a straightforward calculation of the mass concentration of the analyte in the sample from the measured isotope ratio chromatogram. The use of a balance to determine and monitor the mass flow(More)
Triple isotope dilution mass spectrometry (triple IDMS) has been applied for the first time on protein quantification, especially on transferrin. Transferrin as an acute phase protein is a marker for several inflammation processes in the human body. Therefore, in Germany, the accurate and precise measurement of this important analyte is required. In this(More)
In post column online isotope dilution mass spectrometry (IDMS), the stability of the spike mass flow is a key element. Changes in viscosity or fluctuations in the pump rate of the peristaltic pump may affect the results of post column online IDMS measurements. It was shown by simulating random fluctuations and studying the changes in the resulting(More)
Two reference measurement procedures are presented here that allow the determination of the iron saturation in human transferrin, based on different molecular properties. The results, directly derived from the number of ions bound to the protein molecule, are traceable to the SI. Up to now, the iron saturation has only been deduced indirectly from the(More)
The cleaning of silicon density standards was investigated by mass comparison measurements. It was shown that even in clean laboratory air, the mass of silicon spheres increases considerably with time. On the other hand, after cleaning the sphere, mass stabilizes within only 8 hours and always yields the same mass within 10 µg. This is also true after(More)
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