Detlef Kröker

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OBJECTIVE Although the features of neuronal migration have been known since the turn of the century, the serial features of neuronal migration as seen with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have not been described. Our objective was to provide a template of the normal appearance and the temporal pattern of neuronal migration in the human fetal brain early in(More)
Introduction Today's design of sophisticated graphics workstations may be character ized by the terms 3D-system, user driven, object-oriented user interface and multiple-windows system with the challenge to create high level interfaces for the application programmers. All these properties require a great amount of computing power, especially if we look at(More)
We have determined the small signal gain for the P(18) transition of the (13)CO(2) and (12)CO(2) isotopes for identical pumping conditions in an x-ray preionized discharge amplifier. We have also determined vibrational-relaxation rate constants for He, N(2), and (13)CO(2) from the decay of the small signal gain on the P(18) transition of (13)CO(2) in the(More)
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