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We present a comprehensive study of the one-dimensional modulation instability of partially spatially incoherent light in noninstantaneous self-focusing media. For this instability to occur, the nonlinearity has to exceed a specific threshold that depends on the coherence properties of the beam. Above this threshold a uniform-intensity partially spatially(More)
We report on a new method to form reconfigurable channel waveguides in lithium niobate crystals, based on a combination of low-dose O(3+) ion implantation and selective white light illumination. The fabricated structures show low loss as well as rather high resistivity against optical erasure with red or infrared light, while at the same time(More)
We investigate, experimentally and theoretically, light propagation in one-dimensional waveguide arrays exhibiting a saturable self-defocusing nonlinearity. We demonstrate low-intensity "discrete diffraction", and the high-intensity formation of spatial gap solitons arising from the first band of the transmission spectrum. The waveguide arrays are(More)
We report on the experimental observation of modulation instability of partially spatially incoherent light beams in noninstantaneous nonlinear media and show that in such systems patterns can form spontaneously from noise. Incoherent modulation instability occurs above a specific threshold that depends on the coherence properties (correlation distance) of(More)
Fabrication of surface reliefs is achieved by raster scanning dry photopolymer films under a focused laser beam. The formation of the structure takes place subsequent to illumination without any chemical treatment or wet processing. Computer-generated optical elements can be recorded quickly, easily, and at low cost. The technology is particularly well(More)
The observation of nonlinear staggered surface states at the interface between a substrate and a one-dimensional self-defocusing nonlinear waveguide array is reported. Launching of staggered input beams of different power in the first channel of the array results in formation of localized structures in different channels. Our experimental results are(More)
We report what we believe is the first observation of modulation instability in the anomalous-diffraction regions of a photonic lattice. The experiments were carried out in a 1D waveguide array fabricated in a lithium niobate crystal displaying the photovoltaic self-defocusing nonlinearity, and our results are confirmed numerically by simulating the(More)
Dynamical properties of discrete solitons in nonlinear Schrödinger lattices with saturable nonlinearity are studied in the framework of the one-dimensional discrete Vinetskii-Kukhtarev model. Two stationary strongly localized modes, centered on site (A) and between two neighboring sites (B), are obtained. The associated Peierls-Nabarro potential is bounded(More)