Detlef Kähler

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Only very little is known about the automatic analysis of cryptographic protocols for game-theoretic security properties. In this paper, we therefore study decidability and complexity of the model checking problem for AMC-formulas over infinite state concurrent game structures induced by cryptographic protocols and the Dolev-Yao intruder. We show that the(More)
We propose a Dolev-Yao-based definition of abuse freeness for optimistic contract-signing protocols which, unlike other definitions, incorporates a rigorous notion of what it means for an outside party to be convinced by a dishonest party that it has the ability to determine the outcome of the protocol with an honest party, i.e., to determine whether it(More)
In the literature we find a variety of mathematical approaches for solving problems in robotics which we will review now briefly. Denavit and Hartenberg [60] introduced the mostly used kinematic notation for lower pair mechanisms based on matrix algebra, Walker [243] used the epsilon algebra for the treatment of the manipulator kinematics, Gu and Luh [99](More)
Research on the automatic analysis of cryptographic protocols has so far mainly concentrated on reachability properties, such as secrecy and authentication. Only recently it was shown that certain game-theoretic security properties, such as balance for contract-signing protocols, are decidable in a Dolev-Yao style model with a bounded number of sessions but(More)