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weise, die Na tu r der A h n e n und den Ver lauf der S tammesen twick lung zu entr8tseln. Die Entwicklungsgeschichte l iefert dabei Iediglich ein r e g u l a t i v e s Prinzip, das Fingerzeige gibt und unse rn Biick in bes t immte Bahnen lenkt, aber nicht selbst und a!lein zu endgfilt igen Ergebnissen ffihren kann, ' Eine einyeheade Dars~eltung der hier(More)
The Raman spectrum of commercial "sulfur dichloride" shows strong lines due to SC12 and S2C12 and weak Cl2 lines at 25 °C, but strong SC12 and SC14 signals at —100 °C (the latter are superimposed on the S2C12 lines). Thus, the intense Raman effect of SC14 can be used to detect small amounts of chlorine in SC12. Mixtures of SC12 and Cl2 (1:15) yield the(More)
The HPLC retention times o f 25 cyclic compounds o f type SevSv (x = 0 8; y = 0 12) have been measured under identical conditions and are used to evaluate the factors which determine the retention. Linear relationships are derived for the dependence o f retention (Ink'-, k' = capacity factor) on ring size, number o f Se atoms, and number o f SeS bonds per(More)
BACKGROUND Perchlorate salts are relatively stable, soluble in water, and migrate into groundwater sources. Groundwater is an essential source for drinking water suppliers. Perchlorate bears health risks as it is identified to impair normal thyroid function by interfering with iodine uptake by the thyroid gland. The development of a sensitive analytical(More)
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