Detlef Beckmann

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We investigate electronic transport through two types of conjugated molecules. Mechanically controlled break junctions are used to couple thiol end groups of single molecules to two gold electrodes. Current-voltage characteristics ( IVs) of the metal-molecule-metal system are observed. These IVs reproduce the spatial symmetry of the molecules with respect(More)
We have measured the nonlocal resistance of aluminum-iron spin-valve structures fabricated by e-beam lithography and shadow evaporation. The sample geometry consists of an aluminum bar with two or more ferromagnetic wires forming point contacts to the aluminum at varying distances from each other. In the normal state of aluminum, we observe a spin-valve(More)
We report on nonlocal transport in multiterminal superconductor-ferromagnet structures, which were fabricated by means of e-beam lithography and shadow evaporation techniques. In the presence of a significant Zeeman splitting of the quasiparticle states, we find signatures of spin transport over distances of several μm, exceeding other length scales such as(More)
We report on high-resolution differential conductance experiments on nanoscale superconductor-ferromagnet tunnel junctions with ultrathin oxide tunnel barriers. We observe subgap conductance features that are symmetric with respect to bias and shift according to the Zeeman energy with an applied magnetic field. These features can be explained by resonant(More)
  • D Beckmann
  • Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an…
  • 2016
The interplay of superconductivity and magnetism in nanoscale structures has attracted considerable attention in recent years due to the exciting new physics created by the competition of these antagonistic ordering phenomena, and the prospect of exploiting this competition for superconducting spintronics devices. While much of the attention is focused on(More)
An experiment demonstrating a link between classical single-flux quantum digital logic and a superconducting quantum circuit is reported. We implement coupling between a moving Josephson vortex (fluxon) and a flux qubit by reading out of a state of the flux qubit through a frequency shift of the fluxon oscillations in an annular Josephson junction. The(More)
We report on the experimental observation of spin-dependent thermoelectric currents in superconductor-ferromagnet tunnel junctions in high magnetic fields. The thermoelectric signals are due to a spin-dependent lifting of the particle-hole symmetry, and are found to be in excellent agreement with recent theoretical predictions. The maximum Seebeck(More)
We report a cantilever bending investigation into the variation of surface stress, f, with surface charge density, q, for (111)-textured thin films of gold in aqueous NaF and HClO 4. The graphs of f(q) are highly linear, and the surface stress-charge coefficients, d f/d q, are -1.95 V for 7 mM NaF and -2.0 V for 10 mM HClO 4 near the potential of zero(More)