Detlef Axmann-Krcmar

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AIM To evaluate the suitability of panoramic radiographs obtained with two different machines for clinical use. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three observers assessed 111 pairs of panoramic radiographs taken with the Scanora (Soredex, Orion Corp., Helsinki, Finland) programme 001, and the Orthophos Plus (Sirona, Bensheim, Germany), programme P1 respectively, for(More)
In endodontic literature, the so-called success rate of conventional root canal treatment is reported to range between 70% and 95%. This has been calculated as the percentage of successfully treated teeth of all teeth followed up or included in the clinical trial. This approach, however, does not allow for valid assertions on the prognosis of root canal(More)
For the development of malocclusions and speech disorders, major aetiological significance is attributed to orofacial malfunctions, especially of the tongue. The position of the tongue to the alveolar arch and teeth, particularly within the area of the tip of the tongue, is of special interest for orthodontists. Electromagnetic articulography is a new(More)
Die Funktion der orofazialen Muskulatur bestimmt zu einem wesentlichen Teil die Kiefer form die Form des Zahnbogens sowie die Achsenstellung der Frontzähne. Störungen des normalen Funktions geschehens können Zahnstellung sanomalien und Pehibildungen der knöchernen Strukturen zur Folge haben Mit Hilfe des neu entwickelten Gerätes Myometer 160® ergibt sich(More)
The functioning of the orofacial muscular system essentially determines the shape of the jaw and of the dental arch as well as the position of the axis of the anterior teeth. Disturbances of the normal functioning can cause anomalies of the position of teeth or malformations of the bone structure. With the help of the newly developed device "Myometer 160"(More)
This paper describes the evolution of the concept of selecting the abutment at first-stage surgery and presents clinical data accumulated over 14 years of the use of this concept with angulated abutments. The concept was developed for implants using internal and external hexed connections and has evolved in its use for implants using a Morse taper(More)
OBJECTIVE The technique of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures (RBFPD) is a well-accepted clinical technique to replace missing teeth. The survival rates reported in the literature vary widely, and the conclusions are sometimes conflicting. This study presents the clinical long-term performance of silicoated RBFPDs and also determines the main cause of(More)
PURPOSE Occlusal overload may contribute to the loss of osseointegration of oral implants, so some clinicians are reluctant to place implants in patients with signs of bruxism. This study evaluated the effect of occlusal wear as a probable sign of bruxism on bone loss and implant stability. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study investigated 379 patients who had(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the percentage of vital microorganisms (= microbial vitality) of saliva with that of supragingival plaque both collected at various times during the early phases of de novo plaque formation. Between intervals of optimal oral hygiene, 14 healthy participants refrained from all oral hygiene measures for periods of 1, 4, 8(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare storage phosphor (SP) with conventional film radiography for accuracy of linear measurements of the marginal alveolar bone and visibility of anatomical structures. METHODS Linear measurements were made in paired SP and conventional images of dried human mandibles with a metal pin fixed 10 mm below the alveolar crest. One observer(More)