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For the development of malocclusions and speech disorders, major aetiological significance is attributed to orofacial malfunctions, especially of the tongue. The position of the tongue to the alveolar arch and teeth, particularly within the area of the tip of the tongue, is of special interest for orthodontists. Electromagnetic articulography is a new(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Tongue dysfunctions are of etiologic significance for the development of malocclusions and speech disorders. Electromagnetic articulography is a means of recording orofacial movements. The aim of this study was therefore to analyze differences in the spatial and temporal sequence of swallowing movements under the influence of lip and(More)
The functioning of the orofacial muscular system essentially determines the shape of the jaw and of the dental arch as well as the position of the axis of the anterior teeth. Disturbances of the normal functioning can cause anomalies of the position of teeth or malformations of the bone structure. With the help of the newly developed device "Myometer 160"(More)
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