Deter K Mwangi

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This paper utilizes a comparative approach to establish the relationship between morphometric diffusing capacity for oxygen (DLo2) and maximal oxygen consumption (Vo2max). DLo2 and Vo2max were determined on the same 21 individuals in African mammals spanning a range in body mass from 0.4 to 240kg. We confirmed earlier findings that Dlo2 was proportional to(More)
We investigated the events that take place during the postnatal morphogenesis of the lung of the quokka wallaby, Setonix brachyurus, using the light microscope and both the scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The lung of term, newborn babies (joeys) at 3-days of postnatal life was at late canalicular stage and comprised large airways and tubules(More)
The quality of morphometric data obtained by stereological methods depends on the sampling scheme adopted. In the light of recent advances in sampling theory for stereology a sampling strategy has been developed which differs significantly from that used in previous studies. It operates with a cascade of four sampling levels and adopts the principle of(More)
The morphological adaptations of the fruit bat small intestine to which the high functional efficiency could be related and the possible landmarks delineating the various parts of the gut were examined. The stomach was the carnivorous type with large rugae spanning the entire luminal aspect down to the pyloric sphincter, which was reflected internally as a(More)
The pecten oculi is a structure peculiar to the avian eye. Three morphological types of pecten oculi are recognized: conical type, vaned type and pleated type. The pleated type has been well studied. However, there exists only scanty data on the morphology of the latter two types of pectens. The structure of the vaned type of pecten of the ostrich, Struthio(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate and quantify structural parameters in the developing cerebellum during hypothyroidism in pre and postnatal stages in 15 day old rat pups in comparison with 5 and 24 day old. METHODS Propylthiouracil (PTU) was fed to rat dams during mating, pregnancy and nursing and their pups in drinking water. Consequently hypothyroxinemia was(More)
The effect of pre and postnatal hypothyroid environment on the development of cerebellum in the rat pups was determined. Four groups of rat dams, namely control, Group I, II and III were treated with propylthiouracil (PTU) in water for different length of time during pregnancy and nursing periods. The pups born from these dam groups were subsequently named(More)
Species-specific characteristics of neuronal plasticity emerging from comparative studies can address the functional relevance of hippocampal or cortical plasticity in the light of ecological adaptation and evolutionary history of a given species. Here, we present a quantitative and qualitative analysis of neurogenesis in young and adult free-living(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the structural parameters of the developing cerebellum in propylthiouracil (PTU)-induced hypothyroidism during pre and postnatal stages in 24 day old rat pups. METHOD Hypothyroidism was induced by feeding the breeding dams with PTU in water before and during copulation, pregnancy and lactation and the pups through the dams and(More)
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