Dessislava Marinova

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The development of a new tuberculosis vaccine is an urgent need due to the failure of the current vaccine, BCG, to protect against the respiratory form of the disease. MTBVAC is an attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine candidate genetically engineered to fulfil the Geneva consensus requirements to enter human clinical trials. We selected a M.(More)
The major Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence factor ESAT-6 exported by the ESX-1 secretion system has been described as a pro-apoptotic factor by several independent groups in recent years, sustaining a role for apoptosis in M. tuberculosis pathogenesis. This role has been supported by independent studies in which apoptosis has been shown as a hallmark(More)
INTRODUCTION BCG remains the only vaccine against tuberculosis (TB) in use today and despite its impressive global coverage, the nature of BCG protection against the pulmonary forms of TB remains subject to ongoing debate. Because of the limitations of BCG, novel TB vaccine candidates have been developed and several have reached the clinical pipeline. One(More)
Apoptosis modulation is a procedure amply utilized by intracellular pathogens to favour the outcome of the infection. Nevertheless, the role of apoptosis during infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of human tuberculosis, is subject of an intense debate and still remains unclear. In this work, we describe that apoptosis induction in(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis, induces apoptosis in infected macrophages in vitro and in vivo. However, the molecular mechanism controlling this process is not known. In order to study the involvement of the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in M. tuberculosis-induced apoptosis, we analysed cell death in M.(More)
Some of the most promising novel tuberculosis vaccine strategies currently under development are based on respiratory vaccination, mimicking the natural route of infection. In this work, we have compared pulmonary and subcutaneous delivery of BCG vaccine in the tuberculosis-susceptible DBA/2 mouse strain, a model in which parenterally administered BCG(More)
MTBVAC is a live-attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine, currently under clinical development, that contains the major antigens ESAT6 and CFP10. These antigens are absent from the current tuberculosis vaccine, BCG. Here we compare the protection induced by BCG and MTBVAC in several mouse strains that naturally express different MHC haplotypes(More)
Background The need for an effective vaccine against human tuberculosis has driven the development of different candidates and vaccination strategies. Novel live attenuated vaccines are being developed that promise greater safety and efficacy than BCG against tuberculosis. We combined BCG with the vaccine MTBVAC to evaluate whether the efficacy of either(More)
Substantial efforts have been made over the past decade to develop vaccines against tuberculosis. We review recent developments in tuberculosis vaccines in the global portfolio, including those designed for use in a prophylactic setting, either alone or as boosts to Bacille Calmette-Guérin, and therapeutic vaccines designed to improve chemotherapy. While(More)
Purpose To investigate the peripheral blood T-cell subpopula-tions in patients with different forms of uveitis. Met/rods The CD 3+, CD 4+ and CD 8+ lymphocyte subsets were studied in peripheral blood by flowcflomeby in 220 patients with anterior, intermediate, posterior and panuveitis (150 cases with proven etiology and underlined clinical syndrome and 70(More)