Dessislava Lazarova

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We report a new methodology for direct visualization of superoxide production in the dopaminergic area of the brain in Parkinson's disease, based on the redox cycle of mito-TEMPO, a blood-brain barrier-, cell-, and mitochondria-penetrating nitroxide derivative with superoxide scavenging properties and T1 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast. The(More)
The effect of alterations of lipid phase order of thylakoid membranes on the thermosensitivity of photosystem I (PS I) and photosystem II (PS II) was studied. Plant sterols stigmasterol and cholesterol were applied to decrease the fluidity in isolated membranes. After sterol treatment, a decrease of the temperature of 50 % inhibition of PSII activity was(More)
The effect of UV-B irradiation at temperatures of 22 and 4 °C on flash induced oxygen yields, photochemical activity, and energy transfer in pea thylakoid membranes in the absence and presence of scavengers of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was studied. Three different scavengers were used: dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), histidine (His), and n-propyl gallate(More)
The effect of high temperature (HT) and dehydration on the activity of photosynthetic apparatus and its ability to restore membrane properties, oxygen evolution, and energy distribution upon rehydration were investigated in a resurrection plant, Haberlea rhodopensis. Plants growing under low irradiance in their natural habitat were desiccated to air-dry(More)
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