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This paper presents our work to build a pioneering Indonesian Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition (LVCSR) System. In order to build an LVCSR system, high accurate acoustic models and large-scale language models are essential. Since Indonesian speech corpus was not available yet, we tried to collect speech data from Indonesian native speakers to(More)
Spatial data wrapped and processed by an application known as Geographic Information Systems (Geographical Information System / GIS). In desktop based GIS, the spatial information services only occurs when a variety of basic data has been loaded into the applications database. The real challenge for corporate is how to create a GIS that smart, secure, and(More)
Query-by-humming (QBH) is a content-based music information retrieval system that use humming as its query. Naturally, human cannot hum or sing perfectly. They may sing in different pitch, key, or tempo thus can affect the retrieval performance of the system. It becomes a challenge to build an effective QBH system despite all of the query imperfection. Many(More)
Current Geographical Information System (GIS) has been applied the classical point-in-polygon algorithm such as the ray casting algorithm and winding algorithm to conduct spatial analysis. These algorithms have linear complexity with the number of points available in the map. In this paper, we introduce an efficient algorithm to handle arbitrary polygonal(More)
Automatic Music Transcription (AMT) which transcribes music into music sheet is a challenging task since it requires combination of three different knowledges: signal processing, machine learning, and musical model. The task is more challenging when AMT applied to the polyphonic music. Such task required the system to recognize the pitch, timbre, tempo,(More)
People with hearing loss have limitation in communication. According to this study in SLB-B Cicendo Bandung, Indonesia, most of the deaf students are enthusiastic to learn English. Meanwhile, they consider learning English is very hard because of the differences in pronunciation and spelling. In Indonesia, the education media to learn English is not(More)