Despina Papadopoulos

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The association of the new roles of the family physician and the family pharmacist in a model private practice is described. The pharmacist works closely with the family physician to offer personalized patient education and follow-up for therapeutic effectiveness. He also serves as a consultant to the physician for up-to-date drug information and assists in(More)
A model for teaching family medicine residents basic and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation is described. The curriculum includes two phases: (1) 13 hours of instruction to first year residents during the first two months of the residency; and (2) continuing education and practice for second and third year residents. The residents maintain certification(More)
Digital technology is often conceived of as tools designed to support goal-oriented tasks and activities as efficiently as possible. In the wake of the rapid proliferation of digital technology new uses and new settings of use emerge that call for a dramatically different design rationale.The use of digital devices for communicative and social purposes is(More)
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